Project Overviews

The Native Village of White Mountain first received EPA GAP funding in FY 2005 with a primary focus in establishing a water quality baseline. Over the years, with the help from Eric Morris, we’ve established a solid environmental program.

The NVWM currently has several projects operating in our environmental program.

  • Water Quality – We’ve been collecting water quality data since 2008 utilizing funding from EPA’s IGAP grant from 6 selected sites on the Fish River and have conducted traditional knowledge surveys from residents 30 years of age or older.
  • Chinook Enhancement – through an agreement with the State of Alaska ending in 2013 and most recently funded through NSEDC’s OEF grant.
  • Recycling – With the help from Kawerak’s backhaul program, White Mountain has been recycling electronic waste, house hold and commercial batteries, and plastic bottles and aluminum cans. In the fall of 2013, Jay Adams and Henry Titus Sr. removed Freon from the local solid waste landfill.

The in-stream gaging has two sites located on the Ichupak River and also funded by two separate grants but with the same goal in mind.

The IGAP program is managed by Jay Adams and Henry Titus Sr. Jay started working for the GAP program in 2010 as assistant coordinator and was promoted to coordinator that following year. He has worked as a peace officer in Kotzebue and Nome prior to working for the NVWM. Henry Titus has been working as assistant coordinator the GAP program since 2010 as well.

The Chinook Enhancement project is managed by Project Manager/Leader Henry Titus Sr.

The Ichupak River Project is managed by Jeffery Kowchee.