“The Native Village of White Mountain’s Mission is to provide quality services to Tribal and community members which supports our traditional subsistence way of life, and our modern economy.“


The Native Village of White Mountain is located on the southern Seward Peninsula on the east side of the Fish River.The Fish River system lies in the Golovin Bay Watershed, covering more than 1.5 million square miles of sub-arctic wild-lands with fewer than 400 people permanently living within the watershed, that is a combination of the residents from Golovin, White Mountain, and Council. All the tributaries of the Fish River empty into the Golovin Bay lagoon.

The NVWM has spear-headed the creation of the Golovin Bay Watershed Alliance (GBWA) utilizing a 5 year Environmental Protection Agency Wetlands Program Development Grant, which is already in effect.The GBWA is an Alliance between tribal governments and the ANCSA corporations of the 3 communities (Golovin, White Mountain, and Council) within the watershed.

The mission statement of the GBWA reads:
The Golovin Bay Watershed Alliance is dedicated to the conservation of a healthy watershed by protecting, monitoring, and enhancing our wetlands and waterways utilizing modern science, traditional knowledge, and education for all generations.

The community of White Mountain is highly dependent on our traditional way of life due to an extremely high cost of frozen meats and semi-fresh produce bought at the local native store.There are 5 types of salmon inhabiting the Fish River system, Coho, Pink, Chinook, Chum, and recently discovered Red salmon. At any time of the year you can catch Grayling, Trout, White Fish, Burbot, and Northern Pike. We also catch and harvest moose and caribou during open season.There is no road system and the community depends on daily flights to and from Nome, although you can drive the 80 mile trip to Nome via snow-machine in the winter and boat from White Mountain to Council, then drive into Nome from Council on the Nome-Council Road in the summer.