2008 – Local Environmental Knowledge

Documenting Local Environmental Knowledge

The following 14 questions were presented to village residents in the summer of 2008.

Click on each question to see a how they answered. As of September 2015, people’s names were removed from answers or remarks they gave to protect their anonymity. NOTE: Each bullet represents an answer or remark given by a separate individual.  Admin ~Henry~

  1. Is the river in better, worse, or the same condition as years before?
  2. Has the quality of the water in the river changed over the years? If so, how?
  3. Do you feel safe drinking water from the river?
  4. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being good and 1 being bad), how would you rate the quality of water in the river today?
  5. Have you noticed any changes in the quantity of water in the Fish River, or the amount of water flow in the river over time?
  6. Have you noticed any changes in the amount of erosion occurring on the riverbanks or in the amount of sediment deposited by the river over time? If so, what do you think are the causes?
  7. Have you noticed any difference in the amounts or types of plants, insects, fish, birds, beavers or other animals living in the river over the years? If so, what do you think are the causes of these changes?
  8. Do you notice a difference in the amount of water weeds growing in the river compared to the past?
  9. Have you noticed any difference in fish population trends over time?
  10. Have you observed a difference in the amounts of fish diseases occurring among local fish populations compared to the past? If so, what types of disease?
  11. Can you think of any other threats to fish or fish populations in the river that have existed in the past, present, or future?
  12. What do you think are some of the main threats to the Fish River itself?
  13. Do you feel that the water in the river is in danger of pollution or any other form of contamination?
  14. What are some things that you think should be done to protect the water in the river from current and future threats to water quality?
  15. Other comments.